Kiota Bristol

A collective of Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPoC) artists in Bristol

Join us for KIOTA: A Collective For BIPoC Creatives in Bristol, showcasing Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPoC) creatives from various artistic disciplines performing, followed by networking opportunities. The shows are quarterly and are at The Wardrobe Theatre.


Our Story


Founded in 2018, Kiota Bristol was started by Spoken Word Poet and legend, Shagufta Iqbal and Singer and Fool, Aisha Ali. It was borne out of a conversation around the alienation created by often being the only Person of Colour in Theatre and Arts Spaces in Bristol.

Shagufta talked about her experience with the Bristol Black Writers, whose support radically transformed her art and changed her voice as a poet as she no longer was catering to a white audience and had amazing mentors.

Aisha felt she was constantly having to explain her experience to the people she worked with and wanted a space to grow as an artists where that wouldn't be necessary. She was also very struck by the racial divide in Theatre Spaces in Bristol and wanted to tackle that.

With the support of The Wardrobe Theatre, Kiota Bristol had its first show in February 2019 with great reception! The  various performances and panel discussion tackled racism, issues of identity and the pain of assimilation. It was abundantly clear that this space was very much needed in Bristol.

Kiota Bristol now have quarterly showcases at The Wardrobe Theatre and are very committed to tackling decolonisation of Arts Spaces in Bristol. We welcome you to JOIN THE CAUSE as either a spectator and ally or an artist.


Our Mission

At Kiota Bristol, our aim is to tackle decolonisation of Arts spaces in Bristol recognising that colonialists created the social construct of Race and Racial Hierarchy to be able to control and exploit colonies around the world and that this still affects how we view the world, ourselves and therefore how we interact with the spaces we encounter.

Kiota Bristol are committed to creating original collaborations between BIPoC artists of different disciplines who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to work together to see how their artistic practise evolves. We are building this supportive space to offer an opportunity to share, learn and network with other BIPoC creatives whether emerging, established or anything in between! 


What We Believe

The painful divide caused by the creation of Racial Hierarchy has gone on for long enough. It's time for us to confront this colonial hangover and move towards a bridge where the reality of all of our experiences are not ignored or denied. Art and performance are powerful ways to tell our stories, share our visions for the future and heal our wounds. Let's do it together!

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