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1st day of our KIOTA Rehearsals!!!

A scratched floor marked with gaffer tape and remnants of the last show.

4 poses chosen going either with or against the flow.

One heated spot in a specific place by the tech box.

Hiatus Kioyote playing on the PA.

Jeans worn over basketball shorts worn over leggings, ready for action.

3 notebooks, 3 pens and an orange pencil case.

Free writing, conversations, laughter and lists.

The 4 of hearts marked with the name "Joe" randomly tacked to the ceiling and noticed mid-sentence.

The last Daal Pasty, gone, taken and not spoken about.

The sound of feet "accidentally" kicking chairs.

Walking to The Station and down memory lane.

A mirror watching every move framed by heavy navy velvet curtains.

A bouncy floor covered in the dance moves of the past.

The occasional hair and bit of fluff.

Denmark and thoughts of Rooted

Translating words of authenticity into moves.

Check-ins next to a big white wall clock.

An aux cable that doesn't quite fit in the socket.

Random pops.

A job well done!

-Kiota Collaborative Residency Day 1

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